Wombat Pictures

A typical wombat
A typical wombat, but a kind of a large picture
An ugly wombat
Of course, not all wombats are cute...
A large wombat image
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A huge wombat!
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A cute wombat
A very cute wombat
Wombats are very cute, especially when they are young. To be honest, my appreciation of wombats has very little to do with the cuteness factor; indeed, that is almost a negative. Reminds me of the stupid ewoks in Return of the Jedi that were put in mostly for marketing purposes. When everyone in the theater goes "Awww" when the baby ewok is shown, I almost feel like throwing up. Still, as annoying as the ewoks were, they were much better than that brainless Jar-Jar Binks in episode 1.

Okay, we are way off the tracks now with this discussion of Star Wars -- time to get back to wombats. Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot more to say at this point, so I guess it's time to move on to video.


Wombat Movies

Russ as a Young Wombat

Russ Walking Around

Daphne Digging Holes


Wombat Music

I don't have any wombat music, but here is a great song from the Muppets. It is a song that I'm sure most wombats would appreciate.